Why study MPC:(Maths, Physics, Chemistry) Namal – (MPC)

Namal is Arabic word for Ant. Ants are famous for their Dedication, Courage, Discipline, Team Work, Communication, Social Concern and Engineering. They can carry upto 50 times its own weight and construct colonies upto 100km wide. An engineer needs to follow this suit and dedicatedly work towards contributing to the society with their specialized skills. With Mathematics and Science at the core, Students need to excel in Analytical ability and Logical Reasoning. Inspiration, Forward Thinking, Strategic Mind and Imagination of a better world are the qualities of an Engineering Student at Dhruva. They are an enlightened through the contributions of Muslim world and inspired to bring out the genius from within.


MPC (Intermediate + JEE-Advance(IIT))

The category of the students opting for this should have unwavering commitment, loads of talent and willingness to exert extensively. The curriculum demands it.


Category wise All India Rank (AIR) are given to Students who write IIT-JEE(Advanced), subject to condition that such candidates are in the top 20 percentile in their respective Board. Out of this only about 10,000 would be absorbed into the IITs.


This is a comprehensive course designed to tap the hidden potential of the student through long term intensive coaching that stress on conceptual understanding , logical reasoning and analytical ability. Students are given assignments regularly and are put through rigorous tests conducted periodically, which makes cracking of Competitive Exam an easy affair.


To create equal opportunity and reduce burden, Government of India decided to have a common entrance for all the Engineering colleges called ISEET (Indian Science and Engineering Entrance Test). Appropriate weightage will be given to local students. It is to be noted that only top 150,000 students from the total appearing for JEE-MAINS would be eligible to write JEE-Advance. MPC (Regular Intermediate)