The college has spacious and fully equipped Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Computer Laboratories. Spectrometers, Traveling Microscopes,

Imported Tuning Forks, Galvanometers, Electronics boards etc., in the Physics Lab, Centralized gas and water supplying system, Analytical balances, wide range of Glassware and Chemicals in the Chemistry Lab, Medical and Dissection Microscopes, a large number of specimens in the Zoology and Botany Labs.

Health Center

Health care of students is given top priority in Dhruva Junior College. An in-house dispensary is kept open to attend to emergency needs round the clock.

In appropriate cases. parents are informed depending on the severity of the problem. On residential campuses, doctors on roll visit twice a day to look after the health needs of students. If it is felt necessary, the problems will be dealt with by the specialists. Qualified compounders are also present on the campus round the clock.


Cultural activities like: include telangana festival names


Sports period is alloted in a daily schedule classes with indore games like: carroms,chess,puzzles,mind games etc..